Crowd vray memory full.!!

I am facing a strange issue while using Tyflow with vray. I have an optimized character with 9k polygons used as Actor for crowd of 1000 particles, tried rendering the sequence and with each passing frame memory consumption kept increasing from 40 GB first frame to 90+ GB on thirteenth frame or so to Crash 3ds Max.

Things I tried :

1) Tried With vray 3.5 and vray next as well on Max 2016 and 2017.

2) Tried different Tyflow versions.

3) Tried with Mentalray on Max 2016 (Same issue with an error message of 'out of memory')

4) Turned of GI and Final gather completely.

5) tycache taking time to cache out, so didn't proceed.

6) Removed all texture and rendered on greyscale.

7) unchecked cache under Tyflow menu and using instance as Rendering option.

Kindly let me know if there's any solution or anybody faced the same issue before. I am not sure what's causing this.

Abhilash Nair
If you send the file to I can take a look.
(09-02-2020, 07:30 PM)tyFlow Wrote: If you send the file to I can take a look.

Sure, I sent the file.

Abhilash Nair
Just something to add on a different issue. I tried to render the sequence with default scanline renderer and it's rendering, but  the velocity pass(Render elements) seems fine for few frames and then each tyflow starts turning on and off randomly in the pass. I Hope it's supported with scanline.
Attached the cropped images, just to show the issue.

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