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Rotation travel direction and spin - insertmesh - 08-19-2019

Hey there,

I feel like I asked this before, but I couldn´t find it, so here it is (possibly again):

Lets say I wanna animate some particles and use travel direction to have them rotate towards their velocity vectors. Why is it not possible to add a spin operator on top to have them spin on their local axis, while rotating towards their travel direction? Like arrows, that also spin while they travel...

I feel like this should be possible, yet I couldn´t make it work.

If I´m just missing something basic, please let me know, otherwise I´d put that in as a feature request.


RE: Rotation travel direction and spin - vfxarabia - 07-15-2020

I'm facing exactly the same thing, spin and rotation by travel direction cant work together.

RE: Rotation travel direction and spin - d4rk3lf - 07-15-2020

Don't have the time to try it right now...

But just a quick idea (if you have a deadline).
Maybe you can try animate arrow (real model) spinning on it's own axis, and in shape operator, turn on the animation.
Then for the global orientation, you can add a rotation - travel direction.

If that is not working, maybe try and use simple actors, and they should have count always their local animation

Hope, some of this helps