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Possible to test UVW? - shadowkiller - 01-07-2020


I have some particles that use a gradient ramp to change color based on test conditions however i am a bit stumped with my next step. 

I am trying to send the particles to the next event when the color has completely changed from one into the other. I dont see any sort of uvw test option in the property test operator. I also tried using a custom operator to see if i could somehow read the current uv mapping and use that but i didnt have any luck. 

I do see the correct uvw mapping when i enable the display data operator, i just dont know how to test against it.

Any ideas?

RE: Possible to test UVW? - tyFlow - 01-07-2020

Property Test > Texmap Intensity test.

It will use the UVWs on your particles to sample a texture of your choosing, and send out when the intensity value satisfies your test condition.

RE: Possible to test UVW? - shadowkiller - 01-07-2020

I tried that but i couldn't get it to work. Im not sure it is reading the mapping values with that. I set the timing to continuous but no luck. Could it be because my gradient ramp is being used in a mix material? I assigned the gradient to the operator.

I did mange to get the custom properties to readback the uvw mapping. I just havent managed to get the test to read that now. Tried using custom vector and custom vector magnitude in the test operator but that didnt work either. Sad

RE: Possible to test UVW? - tyFlow - 01-07-2020

If you send a stripped down scene to support@tyflow.com I can take a look at your setup.

RE: Possible to test UVW? - shadowkiller - 01-10-2020

I managed to find a work around when fixing another issue i came across. I ended up sending it to the next event using different test conditions instead of doing it all in one. Smile