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tyConform - custom Raycast - moonjam - 01-29-2020

In the raycast option for tyConform, would there be any way to specify an additional object in the scene as the point of origin for raycasting? So  the conforming geometry is projected to the surface of another object but you can then use say a helper to establish how the verts are spread - closer would be a wider spread, further away tighter. Does that make sense? 

I'm working on something that this functionality would be really handy for but there's also every possibility that what I'm asking (if possible) would only be useful very rarely, so please feel free to ignore!

RE: tyConform - custom Raycast - tyFlow - 01-29-2020

Yea, not a bad idea.

RE: tyConform - custom Raycast - moonjam - 01-30-2020

(01-29-2020, 05:19 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Yea, not a bad idea.

Cool!  Big Grin