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tyRateOfChange Animation - betamax - 01-30-2020


Would it be possible to allow the rate of change value to be animated please?

Hopefully that would allow slow down / speed up of timings?


RE: tyRateOfChange Animation - tyFlow - 01-30-2020

A rate of change controller that supports variable rates would be really no different than a default bezier float controller Smile

The reason there is no animation permitted on the tyRateOfChange controller, is that it thus permits the result to be calculated instantaneously at any point on the timeline, analytically.

RE: tyRateOfChange Animation - betamax - 02-07-2020

Thanks Tyson,

"would be really no different than a default bezier float controller"
I see what you mean about that. When the availability isn't there, it can be frustrating that's all Sad

If animation is not possible due to instantaneous calculations, then maybe a +/- multiplier could added? To allow things to grow or shrink exponentially for example.