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id random - 333dddsss@gmail.com - 03-25-2020

rail clone have a type of id random very useful

replace material id "x" 
mode " random"
from "x" to "y"

is it very difficult  to change your code to do this ???

thank for all

RE: id random - tyFlow - 03-25-2020

tyFlow's material ID operator already has this option, unless I'm not understanding your request?

RE: id random - 333dddsss@gmail.com - 03-25-2020

perhabs is me ,

i have 2 id in my actor objet
1 is white
2 colored

i want to random only id 2 ,
keep 1 fixe

i m learning ty'magic'flow

sorry for my poor english , i'm french

RE: id random - tyFlow - 03-25-2020

Oh I see. No, there is currently no way to modify only certain matIDs of a single mesh.