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tyFlow v0.16078 (BETA) - tyFlow - 03-26-2020

tyFlow v0.16078 is out!



* added default/scene light switch to tyPreview
* you can now double click operators to rename them


* fixed an issue where multi-column layouts were crashing 2016 (unfortunately the fix requires multi-column layouts to simply be disabled in 2016, due to bugs in the 2016 SDK)
* improved multi-column rollout distribution (previously with a lot of rollouts expanded, too many would be sent to the last column)
* dragging operators around is more responsive, since rollouts are now only loaded when the mouse button is released
* fixed an issue where arrow keys (up/down) weren't adjusting quickType selections in the new c++ version of quickType
* fixed an issue where tyPreview would check "shadows enabled" as an inherited viewport default even if shadows weren't enabled for the viewport
* tyPreview will internally enable High Quality mode when AO enabled (seems necessary)