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tyFlow v0.16094 (BETA) - tyFlow - 10-26-2020

tyFlow v0.16094 is up!



* tyFlow objects, helpers, modifiers, etc should now be accessible from 3dsmax's global search ('x') menu
* Rotation operator sibling/parent/target align modes now have extra forward vector alignment options
* Scale operator proximity settings now have noise options
* Path Follow operator now has ability to choose closest spline or random spline to follow
* added material ID override setting to VDB to Mesh operator


* fixed an issue where the PRTUpdate operator was not properly updating the color channel
* fixed an issue where the Surface Test operator's Normal test "flip" option wasn't working
* fixed an issue where the Export Particles batch export utility was running the same export multiple times if the source operator was instanced multiple times in the flow
* fixed an issue where tyConform offset values were not working properly on meshes with rotated Transforms
* fixed a bug where tyActor scale animation was not transferring properly to dynamic PhysX rig particles
* fixed a regression where "deforming meshes" option of tyCache element display wasn't affecting cloth/spline/etc data