tyFlow v0.16063 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16063 beta is out!



* Instance Material operator now has filters rollout
* Material operator can now inherit material from particle parents
* Actor/Cloth meshes are now rendered as individual entities in VRay, and accept instanceID/Material overrides assigned to their actor root particle.
* Actor/Cloth meshes now retain per-vertex velocity information, which VRay can translate into proper deformation motion blur
* added "enable/disable all instances" options to operator right-click menu, for quickly enabling/disabling all instances of a certain operator
* added option in Script operator to toggle display of script-generated lines/markers (allows you to disable drawing methods without changing code and resimming)
* added "full interpolation on entry" setting to Rotation/Scale operators, for ignoring interpolation values less than one when a particle is new in an event
* added face transform mode to Position Transform operator
* added tyProperties modifier as an easier alternative to adding tyActor node properties to objects without having to use the tyActor Node Props floater window and/or having to manually assign user defined properties to objects
* added tyUVWFreeze modifier for efficient freezing of UVW coordinates on an animated mesh at a given frame (will not lose frozen UVWs if underlying topology changes, unlike UVWUnwrap modifier)
* added tySpiral modifier for deforming meshes around a central deformation axis with a radial falloff
* added new options to Export Particles operator for object export: ability to call custom MAXScript code to objects when their particle is first exported, ability to simply update existing objects rather than create new ones, ability to randomly scatter reference objects onto particles from a list


* fixed a tyActor regression that could cause max to crash if non-skin deformations was enabled
* fixed a regression in the tyWeld modifier causing some incorrect weldings to occur
* fixed a crash that could occur while exporting particle meshes to tyCache that have empty map channels
* improved actor/cloth mesh update performance when caching enabled
* fixed a bug where the tyConform modifier could try to update while saving
* improved speed of tyActor skinned mesh generation
* improved performance of tyCache mesh loading (for unique non-instanced meshes)
* fixed a bug where the Flow Update operator was not importing custom data into the proper channels in some cases
* fixed a bug in the tyVortex helper that was preventing axial distance falloff from having any effect
* fixed issue where Time Test couldn't take negative time values
* fixed various bugs in various operators related to null mapping channels
* fixed an issue where spawned particles that are linked to other particles, don't immediately update their link status
* fixed an issue where empty maps were still being exported by the tyCache exporter, resulting in inflated cache sizes
* fixed an issue where the Mapping operator was not properly sourcing mapping values from particular channels, when "all channels" was disabled
* fixed an issue in the Split operator where particles would eventually stop being sent out properly in "per frame" mode
* fixed an issue where tyActors were not properly importing certain skinned objects if they had other modifiers above the skin in the stack
* fixed an issue where Birth ops were not birthing the correct number of particles if the time step was less than 1
* fixed an issue where certain meshes were not being sliced properly by the Brick Fracture operator
* fixed an issue where the Spline Paths operator was not properly exporting certain particle binds

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