tyFlow v0.16065 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16065 is out!



* in case OpenCL initialization crashes on startup (usually due to bad/outdated drivers), tyFlow will automatically skip OpenCL initialization the next time max is run
* added parent/sibling display to Display Data operator
* added "time (frames)" test to filters rollout
* added Edge Frature operator for fracturing the convex corners of shape meshes


* fixed a regression causing the Brick Fracture operator to give results with missing bricks
* fixed a regression where tyActors using a skin modifier could crash max
* improved rigidity of PhysX Bind deformation function - position offsets of particles will now be preserved properly, whereas before deformations could cause particle bindings to stretch apart
* fixed an issue where the Resample operator was corrupting certain particle parent/child relationships
* fixed a bug where the DLA growth algorithm was not being affected by the built-in growth forces
* fixed a regression where tyCache cloth/actors/etc were not inheriting assigned material IDs
* Export Particles will now respect render-only Shape parameters

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