Trying to achieve a "frozen in time" explosion effect
Hello there !

I hope the thread title is at least somewhat descriptive, what I'm trying to achieve here is somewhat complicated but I'll explain it as best I can. My version of Max is 2020, and TyFlow is 016089.

So I have this ring I've given birth to as a tyflow object, and I've then proceeded to apply two surface test (inside) operators to it in the form of invisible spheres that apply a speed (random 3D) operator to the affected areas. You can see the result and setup right here :

[Image: Y78wHmz.png] 

Looks sweet, right ? Well I'd actually like it to remain like that as the animation plays. Unfortunately, due to my use of the speed operators and that pesky gravity, the second I start the animation, it blows up and falls to the ground :

[Image: Z6tYlwd.png]

I don't want the ring to break apart the way it does or fall to the ground. I'd like it to slowly rotate on itself while floating in the air, but I'd still like it to look like it does on my first frame, slowly breaking apart then reforming itself. I guess since I want it to be animated, "frozen in time" isn't the best way to describe it, but I hope my explanation and the image below are clear enough to convey what I'm trying to achieve here. 

[Image: t4vzn2A.png]

Many thanks to whoever can help me out with this Tongue

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