Re-timing a Collision and Technique Advice
I have a tyflow (see attached) that takes a birth shape (a mesh with a few modifiers) that is being collided with by spheres moving out from the center to look like the outer surface is being torn apart from the inside and oozing/ejecting its contents up with a blobmesh.
(I have a blobmesh applied to other spheres that are exiting the mesh surface to represent the insides.)
I've tried retiming this it keeps crashing or giving very different results from the original.

If there are any suggestions on a more efficient way to achieve this, I would appreciate feedback.
You didn't attach the file...

Also if it's crashing please submit a bug report:
please see attached.

(08-13-2019, 04:18 PM)carrrottt09 Wrote: please see attached.

It seems I can get a workaround(?) by using the Export Particles (tyCache) and then leaving the Cached Sim in the scene. Then moving the entire original flow to a new location. And repeat.
My goal was to have this effect occur at several locations in my scene, each one offset from the other.
Any suggestions are still appreciated.

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I don't really understand your workaround. Why cache the sim and then move the flow, instead of caching the sim and moving the cache? Just set it to 'local' coordintae mode and it will follow the icon.

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