Expressions for TyCollection
Hey Tyson,
I love the concept of TyCollection, it's really great and makes it so much more easy to port TyFlow setups to multiple shots.

What I would love to have is the possibility to have expressions using the "*" sign. So for example:

I have a bunch of objects all called for example "MyObj001 - MyObj050".
Now If I add more Objects to this array of objects I'd like to have them automatically inside the TyCollection 
and not having to re-add them all the time I change something.

In TP I can actually choose a layer or an expression for objects to be imported so in this example I'd like to input the expression "MyObj*" into an editText field.

It would be really great to have.
Thank you
Hi Robert.

The next build supports importing layers into tyCollections. I like the idea of expressions too, and could add that as well.
You are unbelievable! Fantastic, thank you!

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