tyFlow v0.16046 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16046 is out!



* added 'shape sample' option in Move Pivots operator
* added custom vector modes to Move Pivots operator
* added "Closest edge on shape" alignment mode to Rotation operator
* added additional radius settings to Set Target proximity mode
* added "closest to object" and "furthest from object" neighbor selection options to Set Target proximity mode
* added "must have overlapping edge" option in Set Target operator
* added options to Shell operator for surface-area-relative extrusion amount, and beveling
* shell operator now has timing and filter rollouts
* added float lerp functions to script operator
* custom properties operator "tm" mode can now assign to/from various combinations of pos/rot/scale
* Limiter can now limit min magnitudes as well as max magnitudes for various properties
* more options added for defining raycast/wrap direction in Conform modifier
* option added to exclude parent from sibling Spline Paths mode
* you can now select multiple operators and connect their outputs to an event simultaneously
* listbox menus now have add-from-list option
* tyCollections can now select scene layers, which allows you to procedurally include layers in tyCollections (and thus automatically add all their objects as inputs)
* tyCollections can also import objects by name, and supports wildcards (ex: "Sphere*")
* value variation is now distinct from interpolation variation in the Custom Properties operator
* added "cluster within radius" setting to Set Target operator, for creating logical groups of particles with a single target
* added "move to target" and "link to target" options to Set Target operator for quickly moving/linking to target without the need for Move to Target and Link to Target operators
* tyConform modifier can now conform material IDs
* added "stitch 0-length binds" to Particle Bind operator as a post-step measure to ensure particles joined by binds with a rest length of zero stay perfectly together.
* Property Test can now use particle x/y/z for neighbor forward search direction
* improved tyMesher auto-update behavior
* added velocity projection options to Object Bind operator in sticky mode
* added tets mode to tyMesher
* added Tets operator
* added tyWeld modifier with options to help weld interior tet faces of converted meshes
* added "cycle through target list" option to Find Target operator, for cycling through targets until last target reached, starting with target index defined by custom float channel
* added "round to nearest frame" option in tyCache to prevent subframe evaluation (can alleviate some VRay render issues caused by changing topology, but will prevent motion blur)
* added option in Cloth Bind operator to fix inverted tet cloths
* Slow by surface can now take any object as input, not just meshes
* added "ignore start penetrations" option to Particle Physics operator, to ignore penetrations between particles that are already intersecting on their entry to the event
* added "optimal sort for tets" option to proximity Particle Bind
* Property Test neighbor search now has more radius options
* Particle Physics "draw shapes/draw tolerance shapes" are now separate options
* Find Target closest point "spread" option is now more accurate
* added option to disable legacy particle interface in tyFlow/tyCache (can improve compatibility with some 3rd party plugins)
* added max length break condition to PhysX Bind operator
* added Actor Convert operator for converting actor skinned meshes into particle shape meshes
* added the ability to save particle shape indices to a custom data channel to the Shape operator
* added extrude direction settings to tyExtrude modifier


* Fixed a bug where max would sometimes crash after creating a new icon flow, changing the birth count, and then moving the icon (note: this bug may have been responsible for other crashes as well)
* fixed an issue where exporting spline geo in the Export operator with caching disabled could cause the simulation to recompute the entire flow for each successive frame
* fixed a bug where the by-travel mode of the Spawn operator would generate overlapping particles
* fixed a bug where the "projected" option of the Position Raycast operator was not working
* fixed issues related to the Spline Paths operator splining dead bindings, and the tySplines object not welding bindings properly
* fixed an issue where VRay motion blur was not working when simulation retiming was enabled
* fixed a bug where the Flow Update operator was not importing particle velocities at the correct unit scale
* fixed an issue where the tyCache particle interface was not properly interpolating subframes
* fixed an issue where new PhysX binds would not regenerate after being previously broken
* fixed an issue where broken PhysX binds would not display when playing back cached frames
* fixed an issue where putting a Turbosmooth on a tyCache was still laggy
* increased default PhysX substeps in order to decrease jitter

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