Slow crumbling of a house
Are there any good methods to slowly crumble a house here and there that is on fire.  Not a total sudden collapse but like one side falls, the other side falls and then collapse.  How to trigger certain parts of a house to fall  and determine what radius will be of that fall. What will hold other parts of a house.

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(09-13-2019, 07:39 PM)dv2000 Wrote: What will hold other parts of a house.

Thank you! .

Several ways you can do that. 
- You can make "collision" test operator, and add in an object or deflector, that you will animate, to overlap with the parts of the house, that you want to crumble (in the next event). 
- You can make animated noise map, going from black to white (at some parts), and test that texture to go to next event, where crumbling will happen. 

What will hold other part of the houses? 
Well, the whole idea is that you test parts of the house (by deflector/objects, or texture), and send them to new even, where you apply dynamics. That way, dynamics, will affect only "selected" parts, and the rest of the house will remain as it is. 
So... something like this... 

First event 
Birth object 
collision - (to next event) 
display - geometry

Second event: 
PhysX shape 
display - geometry
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