Obviously, speed sucks (should be much faster), tempo of the transform is not good, and camera sucks. Smile
But anyway, here's a quick test of what I had in mind for some time. 

Basic idea is that we brake mesh into elements, and then with simple 3 (rotation, position, scale), animate all those elements to create some kind of robotic transform.
Good idea. It seems to me that something like this could be solved in another way.
Thanks brother 
Actually, I think I had a better test that I done earlier (some spaceship, assembly of nowhere) , but too tired to search for it now. 
The idea is that armada of spaceships (small, medium and big), assembly, and many small ships assembly (with variation), some medium ships appear too, and then, a few mighty battleships... just a few.. but with many parts to assembly. Smile 

Here is the animation I did even simpler "transformation"
from 12s... 

Worthy thing to mention here is that, exception of the van, both car and bus had a many (surface, topology) problems, but tyflow manages them just alright. 
I did very complex voronoi braking as tests. (much more complex then final video). and never crashed... it became slow... but didn't crashed.. 


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