help with Script operator: find neighbors between events
Hi Tyson,
I'm trying to replicate something called the space colonisation algorithm, you must have heard of it. Not so difficult as soon as you can loop thru neighbors and average their positions...I assume there's no other way than the script op?
So, I can't figure out how to use the "GetEventParticles" function and how to find neighbors particles between several events...Then, I'd like to sum(increment) and average(weight by count) the found datas from neighbors,
Would you please show me an example? any tips would be much appreciated! Smile
Sorry Tyson, my bad,  I'm new to c#...

I just had to type
List<int> myList = tf.GetEventParticles("myEvent_001");
We need more script operator sample scenes! I'll post mine when it's done Smile

So, let me reword my question...
Is there a way to find at least the average position of a group of neighbors or acces this list (with the different sorting methods) via simple operators? Or are you planning to add some options in the set Target op or within the particle clusters? maybe I missed something...

In any case, I really love your tool! I may suggest you to add different algorithms in the Grow operator so you can choose between DLA or SCA...would be great, I love effects with growing stuff!  Wink
FYI, there's also a few simple meshing algorithms for plants and vein networks to use in combination with DLA or SCA. With your DLA algorithm, (specially in my case because I want proper branch radius and connections) I found that using spline for meshing is not always apropriate..
Hi Geoff,

I hadn't heard of that algorithm, but it shouldn't be difficult to code up. I will read up on it more when I get the chance.

If you need specific neighbor operations, there are functions available in the Script operator to access neighbor properties. I'm not really sure what a generalized operator solution would look like in that regard, it seems your needs are pretty specific.

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