Simple following of an object
I'm new to tyFlow - it's awesome so far!

However i am looking to make a fairly simple effect which i can easliy produce with pFlow using the SpeedByIcon operator.

I want my particle to spawn at a given point and then follow the animation (translation) of an already animated object. Let's say the object is following a path for instance.

I have tried to Bind the particles to the object and mess with timing, but without any luck.

I am not looking for a "trail"-effect, but rather each particle is spawned to do the initial animation and then into a new event when a test occours later (lets say collision).

You could call this a conveyor belt effect. Each particle spawned at point A does the animation of a dummy.

How would you do this? I'm not looking to heavy advanced simulation at this point, just keeping it simple.

[Image: _scene.gif]

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