Replicate PF speed by icon

I'm trying to replicate something I did a few months ago with particle flow.
Basically, this is "cable cars" I did this way with particle flow :

I'm having
- an object where the particles spawn,
- they follow an icon (speed by icon) which has a path constraint (the cable)
- the speed by icon is sync by particle age (Important so that particles don't try to follow the icon at absolute time)

That's it, very simple, but I can't replicate with TyFlow

I tried the same method, with a speed "along icon arrow", in timing rollout I tried to sync by particle age but particles follow the icon continuously.
I tried with path follow but particles do not stick well on the spline, they have some random movements.

Such a simple thing is sure possible with TyFlow.
But did I forgot something? Do you think about an other method?

Thx and Cheers

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