tyselect with cloth simulation

The file attached there is a scene with tyflow and push modifier to fake mesh collision

I wonder if i can simulate cloth with tyflow and tyselect area of effect?

[Image: wfMVB98.png]

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You can use regular particle methods (surface tests, property tests, etc) to filter particles to and from events which de-activate them...but right now there's no way to do filtering like that with vertex selections. The reason modifiers like the Cloth modifier can do soft-selected surface preservation, for example, is because as part of a bigger modifier stack the Cloth modifier can reference a "default" state of the mesh and blend between the two as a post effect. There's not really a clear way to determine such a state in an independent particle system like tyFlow, so doing such a blend isn't currently possible...nor do I really see a good path to achieving it (yet?).

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