tyFlow v0.16054 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16054 is up!



* changing a float value controlled with a tyRateOfChange controller will automatically adjust the controller's offset value accordingly
* added new per-particle break mode to PhysX Break and Particle Break operators


* fixed a regression that could cause particles to stop moving when Particle Physics is used and OpenCL is enabled, if no cloth or particle bind constraints exist
* fixed an issue where pivot point adjustments to a mesh using as a skinned tyActor could result in broken skinning within the flow, requiring a resetXForm operation.
* fixed a bug where the Move Pivots operator was not displaying the right info in the operator name
* fixed a bug where choosing various local export options from the viewport menu would still attempt a network export
* implemented a measure which should prevent a tySelect from being able to choose a tyFlow which is referencing the object the tySelect is on (creates an infinite evaluation loop)
* fixed a bug that could crash the Script operator if an invalid map channel was referenced with the GetClosestUVW function
* fixed a bug causing certain "GetClosestX" Script operator functions to crash, when called in multithreaded mode
Thanks! redshift instances, pleeeaseeeeeeee! =)

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