tyFlow v0.16055 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16055 is out!



* tySelect modifier can convert selections into Vertex Color channel values
* improved the tySplineMesher modifier with new controls, ability to deform any mesh along splines, etc
* Material ID operator has the ability to seed values by time
* Rotation op facing average/closest now having forward vector options (NOTE: rotation facing direction is now along the Z-axis, not X-axis)
* added "Extract splines" button to tySplines object
* the Camera Cull operator can perform proximity tests now, and can take any object as a culler
* added "skip existing files" option to PRT exporter
* added noise options to gizmo mode of tySelect modifier
* added orientation settings in Spline Paths operator (corresponds to tySplineMesher knot orientation setting)


* fixed a crash that could occur in the Voronoi fracture operator if the input mesh had a null map channel
* fixed a bug affecting texmap sampling accuracy (affects texmap mode in the tySelect modifier)
* fixed a bug where tySelect in additive selection mode wouldn't always update the current frame's selection after computing an additive selection cache
* fixed a crash that could occur during element extraction in the Birth Objects operator
* tySelect additive selection baking should now be faster when other modifiers are present on the stack above the tySelect
* fixed a bug that could cause OpenCL to crash on successive runs if no binds exist at the beginning of the sim
* tyFlow can now read FumeFX post-process/wavelet caches
(10-27-2019, 07:05 AM)tyFlow Wrote: * improved the tySplineMesher modifier with new controls, ability to deform any mesh along splines, etc

Awesome... just tested it. 

If I can suggest one improvement: 
It would be cool if we could have copies (or instances), of the same mesh on the same spline, with offset (distance) between them. 
Like... 10 teapots driving on the spline, one after another. 

Maybe it's there already, but I don't see it. Smile

And of course, a long waited voronoi improvement that brakes small chunks over the edges of previous voronoi. 
However, just today I found out another way to do it.... will post tests soon. 

Cheers and thanks. Smile

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