The "Speed" node adds a vortex vector.

It is highly recommended to add a vortex vector to the "Speed" node.
In a project, I need to use the "whirlpool force field", but the "tyVortex" force field has the function of a vortex, but it lacks many attributes, such as the "shrink" attribute, and it cannot be based on particle age or other conditions. In turn, the particle properties are given separately, or the force that affects the particle is slowly increasing or decreasing, etc. So I hope that the vortex vector can be added to the "Speed" node.
This vector can be rotated along the axis of the particle transport direction or along the overall axis. For example, as shown in the figure: the trajectory of the red particle motion is the "green particle" representation. I want each particle to have a perpendicular to the motion trajectory. Swirl direction.
Of course, if the "tyVortex" force field is added to the "Speed" node for the overall particle vortex ability, it is perfect.
Thank you

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Interesting idea, basically a force that rotates a particle around the axis of its velocity? The only issue I see with this is that the force itself will change its velocity vector in the process which will change the direction of that per-particle vortex force in the next time step. You would need a way to track the initial velocity, so the resulting spin doesn't affect the future per-particle vortex computation.

You can achieve this with the Script operator already, so you may want to experiment...
"set velocity" and "add to velocity" (add to velocity=Vortex)
Is this feasible?
There is another question about whether the "tyVortex" force field can be set to "absolute time" and "relative time" or "event time". In most cases, I don't want to do unity, and whether or not Can the "tyVortex" force field be affected by the age of the particle, "enhanced" weakened?
Add to velocity just means that instead of

particle.velocity = speedValue

it will do

particle.velocity += speedValue

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