tyFlow v0.16056 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16056 is out!



* added Space Colonization algorithm to Grow operator
* the editor will now report if OpenCL crashed
* Position Object operator can now scatter on mesh edges
* added noise settings to Object Test operator
* added option to disable subobject display and set vertex color map channel in the tySelect modifier
* filter rollouts can test against a custom float value for all properties
* Custom Property operator can now set/get particle mass
* added phase params to Force operator built-in noise, for manual control of overall noise evolution
* added parent/target modes to Spline Paths operator


* fixed a regression that could cause particles in a non-bind sim to ignore position changes made to them
* fixed a bug that could cause massive slowdowns when loading certain files containing tyFlow that reference a lot of texmaps/mtls
* fixed an issue where the Surface Force operator was not reading RGB values from textures with the correct gamma conversion
* fixed a bug where setting particle mass with a Script operator would sometimes not work
* removed unnecessary AuraLoader MXS printout
* fixed a bug where tySelect was calculating baked selections during a scene file load, even if it was not an enabled modifier in a stack
* tySelect additive selection mode will now hold on the first/last frame of the cache, if the time slider is outside of the cache range
* fixed an issue with the tyParticleSkin modifier, where tyActors importing it could potentially reference the wrong particles of the underlying flow being used by the skin
* fixed a regression that could cause the Script operator to crash when clicking the [...] menu button

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