tyFlow v0.16057 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16057 is out!



* Property Test neighbor radius param now has variation setting
* Particle Export (tyc) should no longer export .mat files if no actual materials are assigned to particles, even if the sim is recognized as one that could potentially have materials (previously .mat files would be written even if all materials were NULL)
* added ref frame option to tyActor helper
* added noise settings to all Surface Test tests
* added support for PhoenixFD4.xx (current beta)
* Face Fracture rollout now has timing/filter params
* added group filter params to tySelect particle mode
* added "show name" option to tyMesher, tyCache and tySplines objects


* fixed an issue in the Display Data operator where "lineToTarget" would not display properly if particles had been deleted
* fixed a bug where moving a particle pivot with the Move Pivots operator would cause incorrect hulls to be generated for PhysX Shape operators
* fixed an issue where changing particle pivots with the Move Pivots operator would place particle shapes and PhysX convex hulls in the wrong location if the particle scale was not equal to [1,1,1]
* fixed a bug where Point Forces with a negative strength would be killed off too soon.
* forced tyMesher to ignore reset notifications during save
* fixed a bug where forces were not affecting the space colinization Grow algorithm
* Shape operators that reference a group of objects will now respect the pivot point offset of the group head
(11-04-2019, 06:24 AM)tyFlow Wrote: * Property Test neighbor radius param now has variation setting

Hello! Thank you for your work! It would be great to be able to get a certain number of nearest neighbors. Without regard to the radius.
Quick question..... Is Physx Dynamic sleep still deactivated?
Thanks in advance.

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