tyFlow v0.16058 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16058 is out!



* added a PhysX Modify operator for modifying the properties of PhysX bindings
* adding PhysX Bind setting to enable bind drive, for improved stability of stiff PhysX bindings
* Resample operator has new optimize mode, that can reduce number of particles in family/target relationships based on angle/distance thresholds
* added Shape-oriented bounds mode in Rotation operator, for aligning particles to the oriented bounding box of their shape mesh
* Flow Update operator can now update particle shape meshes
* added scale mult param to space colonization growth algorithm
* added Spline Paths option to evaluate in operator order, instead of at the end of the time step
* added 'set target to seed particle' option in Grow operator space colonization settings
* Display Data operator can now display simulation index
* Growth operator now has built-in noise options
* adjusted the space colonization Grow operator algorithm to account for cases where particles could continue to spawn in the same place
* Scale by target distance mode added to Scale operator. By scale by target and scale by sibling distance modes now treat scale spinners as multipliers on the effect, and compensate for existing scale values


* fixed a memory leak in the tyConform modifier causing RAM usage to continually increase over time
* fixed a regression where texmaps sampled by the Surface Force operator were not returning correct values
* fixed a bug where Particle Export could crash if retiming enabled
* fixed a bug where tyFlow operator keyframes would be buggy, undraggable, etc, in the timeline
* fixed a bug that could crash max when opening a file from an earlier version of tyFlow than v0.16056 that had a filter enabled on an operator
* fixed a regression that could cause tyFlow for VRay 3.6 to fail to load on machines missing libmmd.dll
* Force operator built-in noise2 will now apply additively against the resulting position of built-in noise1
* fixed a bug where Spline Paths operators set to 'on entry' wouldn't work
* fixed a bug in the space colonization Grow operator algorithm where the seed radius value was not being interpreted correctly
* fixed bugs related to the way in which tyCloth inherits mapping values from driver particles
I have been waiting for a long time, thank you

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