tyFlow v0.16059 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16059 is out!



* Mapping operator can now do per-vertex mapping overrides on particle meshes
* Mapping operator now has camera mapping options
* tySplineMesher has more options for when inheriting radius from knots
* "Taper by age" option added to tySplineMesher
* added 'sort knots' option to tySplines weld parameters, for more consistent weld ordering even if knot count changes
* Surface Force texture mode has face/vertex normal option
* improved multithread performance in tyBoolean modifier for input meshes with multiple elements
* added a rudimentary particle (point) display option to tyCache object, for displaying particles with no meshes
* added "recursive child count" property to Property Test
* Scale operator scale by sibling/target now has individual axis affect spinners


* PhysX Collider operator will now properly interpret pivot offset transform of input geometry
* fixed a bug where moving an Export Particles operator in/out of active events would reset the sim
* PhysX bend angle breaking/deforming now more accurate and intuitive: operates on relative angle of rigidbodies rather than angle of binding relative to local pose (NOTE: this has a side effect of making bindings seem less deformable overall, since previous angle deformation settings were very sensitive to changes in relative positions of bound rigidbodies. If you were working with a rigidbody deformation setup, you may need to re-adjust your deformation angle settings to compensate)
* fixed a regression that allowed non-fluid-containers to be selectable within Birth Fluid/Fluid Force operators
* fixed issue with uvToWorld conversion in Surface Force
* fixed a bug where linking within the Set Target opreator was not working
* fixed a bug where the Spin operator "relative to speed" option wasn't working properly
* fixed a bug where the motion of Phoenix containers was improperly influencing particles advected through them
* fixed an issue with tyFlow's surface intersection calculations which could cause inaccurate results at extreme scene scales (affects tySelect, Surface Test, Birth Intersections, Birth Voxels, etc)
* fixed issues with the Custom Properties operator interpolating scale/spin/pos/vel magnitude values incorrectly in GET mode

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