"Spread" operator

Can the "Spread" node increase the map option in the XYZ axis direction of the position?

Also offset the position according to the normal direction of the object?
Hmm, I'm not sure I understand your first question.

Your second question is a good idea. For now you can also use a Surface Force (normals force) then integrate the force and clear the velocity with an Integrate operator immediately after. That will effectively be a position change only.
The particle will determine the position of the particle based on the color of the texture. For example, after using the noise map, the position of the particle in the X, Y, and Z directions will change due to the color of the noise map.
For example, there is a gradient map. When used on the Z axis, the position of the particles in the Z-axis direction is arranged from high to low (I am not talking about scaling). Position animation can be generated according to the texture change.
The Script operator is best for that...you can adapt the script scaling example file to move along z instead of scale, for example.

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