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Hey Man!
Is there any way we can have filters in display operator, It can be cool in visualizing filters and can be great help........

The problem with that idea is that the Display operator evaluates after the entire flow has evaluated. Whereas filters inside normal operators evaluate at their location in the operator/event stack. So while it might be helpful to visualize filters in principle, doing it with the display operator wouldn't guarantee any correspondence between what is displayed and how another operator with filters would operate. In other words, visualizing a filter with a Display operator and then applying it to an operator in the flow could yield completely different results.

Of course you can always use the Display Data operator to view particle values in the view, although it doesn't cull particles based on those values.
Hey Tyson,

I couldn't start a new request thread and since this is apply titled. I would like request adding Display Op->Type-> "Circles" and "Boxes"

I find these two especially useful for checking proper alignments when multiple flows points on top of each other. Thanks for consideration.

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