tyMesher - cull internal geometry on closed surfaces
Obviously I have absolutely no idea how complex this would actually be to implement but if there's any way it would be possible to have the option to cull internal geometry when tymesher generates a closed surface it would be really useful when using refraction or SSS effects.
tyMesher uses openVDB which has no concept of internal or external geometry.

Sounds like an interesting filter I could add to tySelect though....maybe an element selection method based on whether or not a ray cast out of the normal of every vertex hits a face...which would only be true for closed surfaces whose normals are flipped (ie, all the internal geo you're noticing), or geometry inside of other geometry.
Honestly, if there's any thing you could do that would be able to do this to animating geometry I would kiss you/pay-you-even-more-money-when-you-finally-let-me (delete as applicable)
Can you send a collapsed version of your mesh (or an animated tyCache or whatever) to support@tyflow.com so I can use it to test?
Of course! Will do now

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