Assign original object materials to Birth Objects
is it possible to assign the original assigned materials to their respecting birth objects.

I have hundreds of objects with different materials assigned and spawn them with Birth Objects operator but when I render it will be shaded with the material assigned to TyFlow object.
What I have in mind is to use a Multi/Submaterial but that would be too complicated to use.

Is there any other possibility?
I can make that an option, yea....but keep in mind currently particle materials are only supported by VRay when rendering as VRay Instances.
Great so far! Thanks.

Is it possible to change the material at the beginning and change it later to the original one? I would like to do some kind of flash at birth combined with scaling (via Custom Properties) and after 2-3 frames the original material should be shown and scaling continous.

I see two possibilities:
1. set the original material in Custom Properties operator and get it back later.
2. in Instance Material operator add "get Material from Birth" or something like that.

Thanks in advance.
There's no way to do that, no. You can't store materials in custom properties.

Why swap materials? Why not just have your particles drive some kind of blend mask?

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