tyFlow v0.16060 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16060 is out!



* Birth Shape operator can now update particle pos/rot/scale to match input objects
* added ping-pong option to Material ID cycle mode
* added Edge Count selection method to tySelect modifier
* Actor operator can now load actors by index, and/or save the chosen actor index to a custom float channel
* tyFlow version can now be queried directly from .dlo file using windows API, or by calling "tyFlowVersion()" within 3dsmax
* particle-space displacement added to Displace operator
* Slow operator proximity mode now has sample options
* tyFaceExtrude polygon mode now computes polygon centroid more accurately, resulting in smoother transitions between extrusions in a mesh with changing topology
* tyFaceExtrude now has selection weight settings, for more refined extrusion/scale control by vertex selection weights
* Rotation operator now has parent align mode
* tyMesher can now take a group as an input node, and it will mesh the group members
* Push operator offset value will now affect all particles within that distance to the surface. So for example, when set to "push outside" with an offset of "10", it will affect all particles inside the surface, as well as any particles within 10 units to the surface. Essentially, it is now a more useful operator for moving particles away from geometry
* proximity mode of Scale operator now has x/y/z affect spinners
* Brick Fracture now supports assigning different mat IDs and custom properties to bricks/mortar
* tySelect additive mode now has a substeps param for more accurate selections over time
* tySelect now has "occluded elements" mode, for selecting mesh elements that are fully inside other elements, have all their face normals flipped, etc.
* Birth Shape operator has option to inherit vray instance material from reference objects


* fixed a typo in the Flow Update operator, where the shape channel checkbox was labelled "mass"
* tySelect modifier will no longer auto-update after loading a file unless auto-update is enabled in the settings
* fixed a bug where the Resample operator could potentially copy properties from a particle in a resample pair that is not in the current event
* fixed a bug where object listbox "sort by name" option was not working correctly
* fixed a bug that was causing a big slowdown when adding many (hundreds/thousands) of objects to a listbox
* fixed a bug where a tySelect modifier could add its owner object to the Mesh select listbox, resulting in a freeze
* fixed an issue that could cause scenes with certain material setups to load slowly when tyFlow references those materials
* fixed a bug where sometimes texmap select mode of the tySelect modifier would fail to do proper selections on tiny faces
* fixed a bug where selected connector points wouldn't move along with events, when dragged
* fixed a bug where tyMesher in input geometry mode wouldn't mesh particle meshes
* alembic export path can now contain non-english characters
* improved accuracy of spin integrator, which was causing wobble along particle axes when spin rates were high
* fixed an issue where the Actor Convert operator was not working correctly
* fixed bug in PhysX Bind operator where some bindings would not form properly if particle deletions had occurred in the flow on a previous frame
* fixed an issue where more than 2 actor animations blended together would cause the resulting particle transforms to jump/jitter - actors now support blending 3 or more animations together over time
Splendid !

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