Fly particles to position.
I have a set of boxes that are in a specific position, they have been turned into a particle system that I want to animate flying into the original positions of said boxes. I know I could make them fly out and reverse the animation with pflow baker or something similar (reverse rendered footage) but I want to know if there's a way to do it in tyflow. Thanks in advance.
You can use a Custom Properties operator to save their initial position, then a Find Target operator to steer them back to that original position over time. If you search the tyFlow group on Facebook you can find many examples of people doing this, included the scene files they've posted showing how.
Thanks for your answer. I`m sorry but I don`t use Facebook and the group is private so I can`t see it without loging in. How do I point the target to the Custom Properties operator?
You're missing out on a lot of tyFlow resources by not joining the group Smile

At the bottom of the Find Target settings are dropdowns which allow you to specify a custom vector/TM as the target. You can use that to point the particles to a previously-saved target location (ie, their starting position, which you would have saved with a Custom Properties operator).

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