Hotkeys in Tyflow window
Using hotkeys for common operations like 'Play Animation', 'Go to Start', etc. do not work when focus is in the TyFlow window. 

It's common to tap a key like "/" or "home" to jump around the animation, but when window focus is in the TyFlow window, these (and other keys) do not work. User has to click somewhere in the 3Ds Max viewport to give focus back to Max and thus use hotkeys. 

So, if I want to adjust an operator parameter like 'Birth Rate' and see the results, of course I can click on the play button, but much more efficient is to keep your  hand on the keyboard, tap the play animation hotkey, see the results, tap again or tap the hotkey to return the timeline to the start frame and repeat adjustments to the operator. 

I can see why this might seem trivial but it does start to add time and effort throughout the day. Any ideas or help here?
This is actually just a coding limitation on my part. I don't know how to forward keypresses in the tyFlow frame to max's hotkey parser Smile

Currently I manually process ctrl+s and ctrl+z, but that's all.

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