tyFlow v0.16062 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16062 is out!



* added new PhysX tearing mode to tyParticleSkin modifier
* added new 'distance from shape' options to Path Follow operator, for easier control over how closely particles follow a path shape
* added "every nth" filter to Filters rollout, for filtering out repeating patterns of particles
* added "every nth" selection mode to tySelect modifier for selecting repeating patterns of mesh verts/faces/etc
* added "distance to target" filter to Filters rollout
* added ID filter to Display Data binds mode
* added helper connector in Editor at bottom of events for quickly creating output operators which connect to existing/new events
* the Flow Update operator can now send out missing particles, rather than delete them
* added new options to Split operator for splitting using Birth ID as the metric rather than event index
* Speed operator noise params now have iterations/roughness/frequency/etc settings
* added noise settings to Property Test neighbors parameters
* added subdivide setting to "use particle mesh verts" option in tyParticleSkin


* made improvements to the Voronoi fracture cap border optimization algorithm, which should reduce slice artifacts
* fixed a bug where the internal version info of tyFlow was not updating properly
* fixed a transform validity interval issue throughout tyFlow that could cause certain modifiers (ex: tyConform) to stop updating over time when certain input objects are added to it
* fixed an issue with the Resample operator not resetting the flags of new bindings
* fixed a crash that could occur in the Resample operator when using decimal values for the subdivision parameter
* fixed an issue where particles marked as VRay instances would be converted into meshes if a VRay compatibility issue was detected
* fixed an issue where a Face Fracture operator placed after a Voronoi operator would do nothing
* fixed a race condition in the PhysX Modify operator
* fixed an issue where TMs interpolated up from a scale of zero by various operators were generating NaN values
* fixed an issue where the Move Pivots operator was having problems with scaled particles
* fixed an issue where the mesh of a tyFlow referenced by a tyParticleSkin modifier wouldn't update properly
* fixed an issue with the "inherit material ID" setting of the tySplineMesher not working
* tyMesher in "input geometry" mode now sorts input particles for more consistent face/vert ordering in resulting mesh
* fixed a bug where assigning map channels >1 to particles could cause the tySplineMesher to crash, when referencing those particles
* improved speed of tyWeld modifier

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