Is it possible to bake Tyflow fracture to add modifiers?
i have a box that is fractured and then explodes outwards. the animation is perfect but the shards are too big. when i scale them down in Tyflow the animation physics change. i would like to bake the animation in to geometry i can add modifiers to such as the push modifier to shrink the shards inwards without upsetting the animation.

The image is what i have which is great but when i scale them down further the animation gets messed up.


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You can put the modifier right on the tyFlow itself, or bake to tyCache or a number of other formats using the Export Particles operator.

Just remember, by default tyFlow and tyCache use GPU acceleration to show the meshes, which prevents meshes from being passed up the modifier stack. To use modifiers on a tyFlow, you have to add a Mesh operator and turn off render only. And for tyCache, disable GPU acceleration in the options. Make sure you're also not rendering them as instances.
Thank you. i learnt a lot, and you saved my life.

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