Possible to test UVW?

I have some particles that use a gradient ramp to change color based on test conditions however i am a bit stumped with my next step. 

I am trying to send the particles to the next event when the color has completely changed from one into the other. I dont see any sort of uvw test option in the property test operator. I also tried using a custom operator to see if i could somehow read the current uv mapping and use that but i didnt have any luck. 

I do see the correct uvw mapping when i enable the display data operator, i just dont know how to test against it.

Any ideas?
Property Test > Texmap Intensity test.

It will use the UVWs on your particles to sample a texture of your choosing, and send out when the intensity value satisfies your test condition.
I tried that but i couldn't get it to work. Im not sure it is reading the mapping values with that. I set the timing to continuous but no luck. Could it be because my gradient ramp is being used in a mix material? I assigned the gradient to the operator.

I did mange to get the custom properties to readback the uvw mapping. I just havent managed to get the test to read that now. Tried using custom vector and custom vector magnitude in the test operator but that didnt work either. Sad
If you send a stripped down scene to support@tyflow.com I can take a look at your setup.
I managed to find a work around when fixing another issue i came across. I ended up sending it to the next event using different test conditions instead of doing it all in one. Smile

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