Best hardware for tyflow?

My current 4930k cpu is getting a bit old and have been thinking of upgrading for awhile now. I am curious about which type of hardware is favored by tyflow, perhaps someone can shed some light on a few things.

Does tyflow prefer higher clock speeds or more cores? (both?)
How much of an affect does ram speed have on the simulation?
Does quad channel ram affect simulation times much?
Does tyflow use the gpu for anything other than physics calculations? Will a faster GPU help with simulations?

I have been looking at the new ryzen 3950x with 64gb ram and using my old gtx 1080 gpu. Does anyone have this cpu and what type of performance are you getting on it in tyflow? The thread rippers are also looking really awesome and they support quad channel ram, but you basically need to sell a kidney in order to afford it.


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