Saving PRT caches faster?

I am currently creating many partitions of my particles using the prt cache but there is something i am wondering about. In the krakatoa documentation, it says it is faster to partition your scene if you have multiple instances of max running and caching all at the same time. Does this also hold true for tyflow prt caching?

With the old krakatoa prt cache, it was usually saving pflow particles, which are single threaded. Since tyflow is multi threaded would running multiple instances of max be counter productive?


P.S. Thank you for adding the "skip existing partitions" flag. It makes caching with multiple instances of max much easier, no need to worry about missing caches or over writing existing ones and wasting time.
It was only faster with PFlow because PFlow is single-threaded Smile You would not get a speed boost doing the same thing with tyFlow.
Ah i figured that would be the case, thanks! Big Grin

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