SetTarget tyActor Rig Parent option
Hey Tyson, the "tyActor Rig Parent" option in the set target operator doesn't seem to work :/ (I've attached a file...)

However, is there a simple way to get all the particle back from an actor skinned with the tyParticleSkin, even if they're not in the radius of influence?
This way we could create soft body setups (with tet meshes, voxels or whatever) while keeping the skinning only affected by the particles close to the surface.

Apart from that, I was wondering if you were planning to implement Physx Articulations or D6 joints? and what about other GameWorks libraries?

Thanks again, all the best in your efforts!!!

.max   ActorRigParent_Target_bug_max2018_0.16066.max (Size: 776 KB / Downloads: 34)
Thanks for the file, I'll double check the file and code.

All rigid PhysX Binds are already D6 joints. Articulations aren't really applicable in an environment like tyFlow, since they do not support cyclical references. They're more for things like ragdolls in games if I understand them correctly. Same goes for other gameworks libraries. Some are closed source, others are not applicable or adaptable. I only envision myself supporting basic PhysX, have no plans for any other NVidia products at the moment.

I don't understand your question about tyParticleSkin...
Thanks for your reply,
Regarding the tyParticleSkin question, I'll try to better explain myself...
The problem I have only happens when an actor is made using the tyParticleSkin with a Max distance set pretty low (that's what I want in order to make the skinning looks better)
When I call back this actor in another flow only the "bones" particles found by the radius set in the tyParticleSkin modifier will be accessible. If the Max distance parameter is too low only a thin shell of particles will be used by the actor instead of a volume full of particles.
I tried a lot of workaround with no success...
I join a file to show you what I mean (notice the difference in the  particle count between the two flows).

.max   tyParticleSkin_pCount_max2018_0.16066.max (Size: 848 KB / Downloads: 26)
Oh I see what you mean, yes this is by design as an optimization so that unnecessary bones are not added to the sim, although I guess you've found a case where you'd want them all. I'll look into adding an override so you can skip the optimization.
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Smile it would be perfect! thanks!

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