playback stops mid timeline
when i hit play to cache a sequence, i go away, and when i come back, its stopped on a frame somewhere in the middle of the sequence.  if i go back to frame 0 and hit play, it smoothly plays until the frame it stopped at, then continues caching the subsequent frames. 

its not reached the limit of my ram or anything (cache was at 13GB, ive got 64..) 

any ideas why its doing that?
Different frame range for particles simulation and Your timeline? (like Particles active frames range is 0-100, and you have 200 frames max scene. not that case?)
To be honest it’s probably a max thing, something has interrupted max.. happens a few times when I hit play. Might be a new feature :p
This can happen if you have 'autosave' enabled. Saving will interrupt playback.

If you want to cache out a long sequence, it's best to type in the frame you want in the frame type-in in the bottom right corner of the UI. That way you'll guarantee that the time slider will eventually reach that frame.

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