Material problem
            Hi guys,
I have a material problem:
I have six objects and a multi/submaterial (6 slots) in my scene. The different objects will be scattered on a little plane via Tyflow (image 1.). Via material ID operator the different materials in the  multi/submaterial are distributed via random (1-6) on the 6 different objects. This works fine so far.
Now this Tyflow-object is tymeshed by tymesher (image 2.) and another tyflow is used to scatter the tymesher-object on a big plane (image 3.). Works fine too.
But the problem I have is that the random material distribution of the first tyflow object is gone.
All scattered objects have same material. 
It seems that the tymesher does not use the material Ids of the base tyflow.

Can anybody help me?

Best regards, Dirk

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