tySelect: edge distance

We were trying to replicate an exact Edit Poly selection using tySelect.
We found that Edge Distance functionality seems different between the two.

In Edit Poly - 'Edge Distance' seems to act almost like a mask, limiting the distance of the soft-select falloff 'underneath'. 
In tyFlow, we tried Grow/Shrink with no luck.

We read the tyFlow manual and found this, but we still couldn't work out a way to make Edge Distance behave in the same way as Edit Poly.

Quote:Edge distance: soft selection values will be computed as the distance from a vertex to the nearest fully-selected vertex, along connected surface edges.

Note: When soft-selecting in “edge distance” mode, any vertices that have no direct connection along surface edges to fully-selected vertices will always receive a soft-selection value of 0.

Apologies if if we're missing something, but it would be great if Edge Distance in tyselect could behave in a similar way as other familiar tools. No worries if not.

Perhaps you could post some screenshots comparing the two. Actual vs desired behavior.

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