Surface Test with Object and Particle mesh
i got two flows, one generates particles with a shape that intersects with a object.
the second one just birth thousands of particles at the surface and now i want to delete the particles outside of the other particle volume.
or i could use birth intersections but also don't work with particle meshes from another event.

i don't want to export the geometry of the first particles because it would be better to let everything flexible and not baked.
i think there should be another way but i can't find it right now.
Maybe if you posted some images or videos or something, I could better understand what you're trying to do.
sure, so i got the cones, that are spinning a little bit like searching spotlights.
now i used tyboolean to generate the intersection between the cones and the floor(box).
works fine besides some flicker but i would like to set a MatID for the sliced mesh for mesh select and delete.
i'm using volume select and delete now and i think for this purpose its fine.

my original idea was to generate particles only on the intersecting surface without exporting or caching so it stays completely flexible.

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check out Birth Intersections operator

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