physX switch question

Probably a simple question.

I got two events in one flow. The balls generator and a destructible object. But how should I get the chunks from the last(green) event interact with the particles/meshes from the second event(white)? Probably something with particle groups/simulation groups, which I really do not understand well.


If you disable all your group operators, they don't interact?
(01-30-2020, 04:52 PM)tyFlow Wrote: If you disable all your group operators, they don't interact?

So I disabled all group operators, in event 05 I checked "only collide with" , marked group "2" ( which is strange because the groups are disabled?) Then I get a result like the second image in the first post. And then I cant set those green chucks to "dynamic" because everything gets collision and breaks apart.


If I uncheck "only collide with" in event 05 , everything collides with each other and breaks apart.

All in all I am trying to get a simple "rayFX" effect, the main goal is to have streams of particles carve a path ( or multiple ) in an object. I think its possible

If you choose "only collide with group 2" and nothing is assigned group 2, then those particles won't collide with anything.

Only particles/colliders with overlapping groups will collide within the PhysX solver.

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