Inverted seed

Say you want to populate a chessboard with pawns. 1 pawn particle for each square. You want to have 2 separate particle systems for white and black pawns containing 32 particles in each.

Once the first particle system (white pawns) has positioned its pawns randomly (eg based on vertex) you want to other particle system to position at the "vacant" spaces.

In this case it would be very convenient to be able to invert the seed of the first system in the second system so they would be mirror opposites thus populating the entire board without duplicate or vacant spaces.

A negative value in the seed input would become the opposite seed of the positive value / or a checker next to the seed box.
You get points for creativity but unfortunately...the idea of a seed that will give you the spatially inverted result of some other seed is not possible. Smile

Why not just generate 64 pieces and pick 32 of them at random to be white, then let the remaining ones be black?

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