car destruction setup problem
I have been trying to follow the tutorials on setting up a car model for destruction in TyFlow, but keep running into a problem... 

I've had success up until the point when the particle actor AND additional objects (car interior) are added to the actor operator - then connected to the physX operator.

Interior objects WITH TyParticleSkin are aligned with the car body when added to PhysX shape operator, but do not fall with the car body (which is skinned with fracture particles)

Interior objects WITHOUT TyParticleSkin are misaligned when added to PhysX shape operator, but fall with the car body, yet ignore the virtual ground plane. The body and interior parts do not collide with each other.

The TyParticleSkin for the interior objects is not skinned to anything.

Can anyone tell me which steps I am not doing correctly?


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if you followed the tutorial probably you did create Tyflow for skinning which will act like bones the car mesh will be skinned to, the other meshes will be represented with a convex shapes in PhysX ( in PhyX operator check Display Hull checkbox) so when you add windows and they are attached in one mesh object, Physx will create a collision shape all around them not each window separately

this might happen even with the objects added one by one as convex shapes of the car might collide with them at frame 0 , add Physx bind and they will be in place.

Also make sure the actor object is placed exactly in the object pivot position
I'm still not sure I understand... 
I have tried to re-create the process - it seems my problem starts with PhysX.

I start with a car model (body,wheels,interior,glass) and make a copy of the car body.
I create a tyflow event-add a birth object- and add the first car body.
I add a voronoi fracture to the first event, then add a scale operator set to 90%
This first event becomes my "particle bones" object

I add a tyParticleSkin modifier to the car body copy(re-named "bodyskinned"), and add the "particle bones" flow as the skin.
I then create a tyActor helper, align X , Y and orientation to the (hidden)car body and add "bodyskinned" AND the interior parts as the actor rig node. All of the interior parts have tyParticleSkin with nothing assigned as the skin. The actor will not accept them without skinning.
Z must be aligned to the ground plane.

I create a second tyflow- add a birth event- set to start and stop at frame 0 (total 1).
I add "position icon", speed, then I add an actor operator. Everything seems fine at this point.

When I next add the PhysX shape operator is when things go wrong - the skinned car body shifts out of alignment.

If I play the simulation, the body collides as expected, but the interior objects ignore the collisions.

I've found that if I enable position and rotation locks in PhysX and disable TyParticleSkin for the objects, the interior parts align, but I'm not sure this is the right solution - and really would like to understand why/how this happens and how PhysX handles convex shapes here...

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Seems Ok - now to figure out how to add breaking windows, wheel rotation and a possible collision with another deforming object (like a parking meter)

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