Spray bursts - texture timing offsets
I need to show a power wash cycle, which expels from lots of small nozzles.
For this I plan to use an animated texture plane. (see picture)

How do I synch the texture time, to the particle age?

How do I make them spawn with one particle per vertex like the Birth Object)? but while still being able to randomize the spawning +-3 frames, for the length of the animated texture. (Spawn,,,, show run the animated texture,,,. pause,,,,, repeat - kind of similar to the repeater under birth operator)?

Thank you

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You can use a tyBitmap to sync an .ifl sequence to particle age. See the tyBitmap docs to learn how.

I don't really understand your second request, but for really specific timings, you can use a Script operator. It has methods to birth particles, send particles, etc. You can also use it to sample textures/objects/etc.

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