Light Exclude not working when Vray FastSSS material applied to TyFlow system
Hey all,

I think it's a bug:

I noticed that Light exclusion/inclusion doesn't work when a Vray FastSSS material is applied to the TF system. Doesn't matter if it's standard lights or Vray Lights.

How to replicate:

1) Create a TyFlow system using instanced geometry or standard shapes
2) Add a light (standard or Vray)
3) Exclude TF system from light. It works as it should.
4) Add standard or Vray material to TF system. It works as it should.
5) Change the material to a Vray FastSSS material. The light won't exclude the TF system properly anymore. It excludes the shadows properly but the objects are still lit and react to all changes in the material itself or lights.

Can anyone try this out and replicate this bug? Pflow works properly with Vray FastSSS/Light Exclusion so I think it's just how Vray FastSSS works in TyFlow.

I have the same exact issue
If it's working with other materials then it's probably a VRay bug and you'll need to raise the issue with ChaosGroup devs. Comparisons to PFlow don't work because tyFlow uses an entirely different rendering method with VRay.

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