Nano tech effect
This is the closest I can get to replicating the nano tech effect in Avengers. Anyone know how i can improve it? I am using a brick fracture for the individual blocks but, this causes a non smooth surface while rendering and it's obvious. It also doesnt have much detail like the one in he movie. I tried thinking of a way to create a bunch of tiny little 'nano particles' instead of using a brick fracture.

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I like it. :Smile
I don't think you should replace bricks, here's what I would do: 

I'd definitely integrate rotation, and scale (animation) into them, not just to appear suddenly. 
My samples are not representative (there's much better online), but I'd make rotation something like this I did with Particle flow:

(there's a sample in Tyflow that rotates triangles in similar way). 

And I'd make 2 or 3 passes of animation, something like I did here:
(when I say 2 passes... you see how I stop them for few frames at size of 90%, and then after a several frames they go from 90 to 100%) 

So, in your case, maybe 3 passes, that use the same reveal approach (that you already have, and I like it). 
1) Particles appear from 0 to 50% (animated scale), the same way they appear now) 
hold them for 5-10 frames with "time test" operator 
2) Particles rotate 90 or 180 degree 
hold them for 5-10 frames with "time test" operator 
3) Particles scales from 50 to 100% size. 

Now,. I am not sure how accurate this would be with some Avenger movie (never been a big fun), but that's something I would do.

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